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Centrifugal Sieves - Sifters

Second hand Rotating centrifugal sieves

Rotating Sieve 170 mm x 550 mm

Material: Stainless Steel 

Size sieve cage: 170 x 550 mm

Motor:1.5 KW

Without mesh

Reference: JM-CS SR54

Rotating Sieve 140 mm x 750 mm

Manufacturer: Ceram

Material: Stainless Steel 316L

Size sieve cage: 140 x 750 mm

Motor:0.75 KW

Reference: JM-CS SR61

Rotating Sieve 300 mm x 800 mm

Manugacturer: Gerike

Material: Stainless Steel

Size sieve cage: 300 x 800 mm

Motor: 3.0 KW

with 3 x sieve cage

Reference: M-SR FX 0302

Rotating Sieve 300 mm diameter

Manugacturer: Vibrowest

Material: Mild Steel

Size sieve cage: 250 mm diameter

Motor: 1.8 KW

with sieve cage

Reference: JM-CS SR58

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